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yoshbadosh asked:

Hello! I did a basic search for lap band removal and you popped up. I had surgery for mine in Dec of 2009. I hate it. I regret it deeply and was pressured into it. I want it out of me. How long have you had yours out and how are you doing, if you don't mind my asking?

Hello there. First of all thanks for feeling comfortable enough to ask :) I had my lapband inserted July 2011 and removed August 2013. My body began rejecting the band and I had terrible acid reflux. I honestly can say I feel better with the band out. I learned how to eat properly and to exercise while the lapband (used as a tool) helped me to follow that. Once out, I continued following. I did have a 4 month plateau period, and then began the walking to running program from Coach Jenny six weeks ago. I have had to go slower than that because it’s so important to listen to your body and avoid injuries. I work out 5-6 days a week doing cardio (running, walking, and/or elliptical) and weight train 4 days weekly. I also have adopted a pescetarian diet to help lower my fat intake and my migraines. So far doing good. I’ve now lost and maintained 70 lbs to date and feel much better than when I was on the high protein/low carb diet. That actually made my BP and cholesterol worse. If you get it removed you just gotta focus on putting wholesome foods that nourish the body in and be prepared to up the amount and duration of your workouts to maintain and continue losing the lbs.

I’ve had normal percolated and drip coffee, Keurig (gross), and pour over, but this is by far the best and most rich. I don’t like bold (I know, weird) but I like any type of light or fruity blends, like Ethiopian or even Breakfast Blend by Caribou I think?

My mirena was removed yesterday

For the most part it was just cramps and feeling blah. Then at 3am started the nausea and throwing up followed by dizziness. Apparently this is all normal. Never again will I get an iud. Fuck this shit. Dr has me on tri nessa bc pill which is helpful for many pcos patients do here’s hoping.

Meanwhile this tumblr will have lots of animal pics as I distract myself as I lay in bed.

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Pagans

Sunday, June 15th from noon-4 or 5 pm is the 2nd Annual Pagan Pride Picnic at Mt. Airy Forest. Details and confirmation of attendance here

The picnic will be at Mt. Airy Forest, conveniently located off the I-74 exit. 

Please share as this is a great gathering I help to host. This year, we will be taking donations for the wolf sanctuary of Kentucky, more details to follow.

knitmecrazy asked:

Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers (not back to me, I did it already). Thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard but it will make you feel better so give it a go, for the sake of spreading positivity! (◠‿◠)

Dawww *blush*

  1. I’m very determined. When I pick something to do (like starting running or learning to knit) I go full force. I don’t give up and study until I’ve mastered it.
  2. I’m a great cook/baker.
  3. I’m very patient.
  4. I love animals and am always tossing out veggie/fruit scraps for them. We have regular squirrels, bunnies, and raccoon visitors now.
  5. I’m pretty witty and don’t realize it

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