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I love this comic so much! Girl power!

Let's Talk About Comics For A Second



Some stuff I wrote on Twitter early/just kind of dashed off and should probably expand on at some point the future:

Why aren’t we spending more time talking about how page layouts effect the way people read comics in relation to how they effect the speed at which someone reads a page? I know…

That’s some serious shit right there. Ever since Declan Shalvey made his points on Twitter a couple of years ago now about reviewers not having a vocabulary for the art, I’ve been trying to talk that stuff as much as possible. Pacing, page layout/design is one of the fundamentals of the medium and it seems like most of the work is hardly paying attention to it at all.  

One of the guys this year that I’ve been loving for the way pages are designed to direct the eye and have you spend time with scenes is Marco Rudy. He’s got me on the edge of my seat for his next book with Ales Kot. 

This opens up a lot of great discourse about the need to properly evaluate and discuss both writing and artwork within comics. My BA is in Art History, so perhaps I’m just biased but it’s not difficult to take the time and just slow down to appreciate the frame layout, dynamic/static movement within the art, the coloring, etc. I often read comics twice, once for the story/initial view, and the second time because I am a self-admitting colorist junkie. 

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*throws chicken fat/cut offs in backyard for animals*
*sees cardinal chomping happily on said fat*
*uncontrollably laughing at the irony as I sing “circle of life”*

I am a terrible person

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Ice cube spell to help our neighbor’s, tenant’s, their friends, and their associates and themselvesto see and understand just who they are.

  1. Write the neighbors names and representative wording for all persons down. Five separate papers
  2. On the reverse of each list what they need to see and understand. 
  3. Place papers in five ziploc bags with black salt from my altar. Fill bags with storm water. 
  4. Place small bags in larger bag with added wording and more black salt and storm water. 
  5. Put in freezer.
I decided to take your advice.

Good luck, and remember if they still give trouble boil that sh*t on the stove and light the fire under their asses. I’ve also been known to douse that paper in hot sauce or lemon juice, for example to stop gossiping, increase the binding, etc.

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Listen. This is just a dream. But very clever people can hear dreams. So, please, just listen. I know you’re afraid, but being afraid is all right.

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To reduce either Anand or every single member of The Morrigna to simply “death goddess” is a gross misunderstanding and reduction of their function as goddesses and within Irish mythology.

"Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess" is a terrible book, you should burn it.

There’s better information here.

(mention thewitchlingandthefawn because that video you shared is troubling and I’d like you to have access to something more vetted)

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